What makes it different from your existing laminators?
Designed especially for use with pressure sensitive lamination and mounting films, our newly launched smart applicator is a flatbed roll lamination machine has been developed to meet European quality. It facilitates single person operation with high-speed quality production. Dual side keypad with feather touch button controls made its operation easy from both the sides electronically driven roller allows easy transit over the toughened glass flatbed desk, while the emergency stop has been provided as a safety tool to stop the machine instantly in case of emergency. Variable roller gap enables easy mounting of film on Sunboard, Polycarbonate, Flex and Acrylic of any thickness up to 50mm. The longer than usual print platform keeps the print free from dust and offers easy handling.


What’s so unique about this smart ‘Made In India’ applicator?
Escorted with one year warranty, this CE-certified machine is fully automated and is suitable for those who are working on road signage especially for traffic signal. Featuring advanced digital as well as analogue system, this pneumatic technology-based laminator facilitates multiple production options with high-quality finishing. Adding to it is silicon roller for hassle-free movement of the film on a rather expanded glass flatbed desk.


How is your ‘Made in India’ tag going to help local customers?
This is the first time that a flatbed laminator/applicator has been designed, developed and manufactured in India. Accordingly, it is substantially low priced when compared to its European counterpart to make it affordable to our valued customers. The serviceability as well as manageability is easy as all the components or parts are available in India.


What handling precautions do you advice?
Nothing much, except for a couple! The toughened glass flatbed should be handled carefully and the silicon roller should not get any cut mark.


Which other products do you have in your kitty?
Our portfolio of offerings includes hydraulic machines for lamination & mounting. The range comprises XLJET Prime (Cold), XLJET Premium (Cold), XLJET Premium Plus (Hot & Cold) XLJET Mounting (Cold) and XLJET Budget (Cold). These hydraulic lamination machines come in 62” wide format and are designed for use with pressure sensitive lamination and mounting films. Features include hydraulic technology, advanced digital and analogue system, paper guide system, multiple production options and quality finishing, single operator with flexible easy handling, neoprene roller, and aluminium body.


Can you please explain some of the features?
Neoprene rubber rollers for laminating films, while hydraulically operated roller ensures uniform pressure of roller on the lamination media giving excellent results. Further, variable speed controls provide options to the user to work faster either on lamination films or mounting. Push button and foot switch controls facilitates flexibility in operating the machine. Take-up roll for winding laminated print automatically saves additional manpower required for collecting the print. It also helps to keep the print neat & clean, manages winding of release paper automatically. Aluminium body gives new fresh look and reduce the machine weight. Emergency stop – a safety device to stop the machine instantly in case of emergency, and variable roller gap enables mounting of film on Sunboard, Polycarbonate, Flex & Acrylic of any thickness up to 20mm. Long print platform to keep the print free from dust and eases handling.


With such an extensive portfolio, how are you reaching to your customers?
We have a distribution network, which we are planning to expand further. For now, we have three distributors one each in Pune, Hyderabad and Gujarat. We are getting good response for our laminators from across the country, which will further escalate owing to the inclusion of newly launched smart applicator in our bouquet. Meanwhile, we do have plans to explore overseas destinations like European markets along with South Africa, UAE, and other South East countries for our smart applicator. We hope to do commendable business from export.


Why should one rely on B & R Digitals?
Simple, this is because in 17-years, we have proved our worth being a sourcing partner for lamination machines. For instance, owing to the cutting edge techniques, bulk orders are completed in a time bound manner. Our most important asset is the team of dexterous professionals which has been recruited on the basis of their expertise & knowledge about the extensive range of products that we offer. These personnel have flexible mind and easy adaptability towards the changing trends and techniques, which is a must to attain total client contentment. We are obsessed with quality and even in any emergency situation, we try maintaining an uncompromising stand as far as superiority is concerned.


How do you asses the customers’ satisfaction?
Nothing is more important for us than the satisfaction of our valuable customers. Therefore, no efforts are spared to ensure that the specific demands of clients are completed efficiently and timely. We guarantee our esteemed clients great quality that will stay sparkling for long time as we manufacture our products by complying with the global quality norms. Customers are interested in forming long-term bonds with us as we are well-regarded in the market for our fair business ethics and transparent dealings. We also customise the offered range to meet the exact requirements of customers. It is the most effective way of satisfying customers and earning a place of repute in the market.


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